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"Jamie has worked with me through thick and thin! We have overcome so many obstacles together. When I came to her after surviving cancer and plateauing post gastric surgery, she helped me reformulate a succeeding meal plan that worked with my restrictions and helped me drop an additional 100 inches! When the cancer came back, she was there to work through it with me and now I am at 150 inches lost and feeling and looking better than I have in 20 years! I am so glad I found Jamie when I did!"



“Jamie embodies change. Through her consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, she not only helped me retrain my attitude but retrain my body as well. In a short time, I gained the nutritional knowledge, the excitement to train and the confidence to walk into the gym and face the mirror. Jamie instilled that confidence and much more. We set goals and conquered them! She is the perfect combination of toughness and kindness!”



“Jamie has been instrumental in helping me make fitness a part of my daily routine by starting with simple foundational movements and building from there. Her guidance and ability to break-down complex subjects into challenging yet doable workouts allowed me to realize many of my initial fitness goals and has created a strong foundation for acceleration as we continue with her program.”



“Jamie has a natural aptitude for personal training. She’s a fountain of knowledge, and her sessions are always fresh, fun, and well planned out. I’ve been working with her for two months now, and I already feel fitter and leaner than I have in years.”


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Ann personal training results.jpg
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